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There are instances when the impression counts registered in third-party trackers are lower than the counts indicated in the Wingoads console. This discrepancy occurs because Wingoads and third-party trackers register impressions differently:

  • Wingoads registers an impression when a win notification is received from the ad exchange and the creative is served.
  • Third-party trackers register an impression only when creatives are rendered successfully on the publisher app/site.

Our clients are billed based on the number of impressions served regardless of the number of impressions actually rendered. We follow this practice because ad exchanges typically bill according to the number of impressions served.

Note: It’s important to remember that having an impression served does not necessarily mean that the creative has been rendered successfully. Creatives might not have rendered successfully for any of the following reasons:

  • The creative tag has been poorly written, so that the creative behaves differently on different platforms.
  • iFrame is being used, which has been known to cause discrepancies with some inventories.
  • The ad framework has been selected incorrect. (For example, serving an MRAID creative tag in a regular JS placement can cause discrepancies to occur.)
  • Some of the resources, such as your the ad server, cannot be reached during the point of rendering.
  • The user has closed or refreshed the Ad/App/Site before it could be rendered completely.
  • The user’s device has lost its network connection while the creative was being rendered.
  • Some publisher’s App/Site might have script problems that prevent the JS tag from rendering correctly.
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