Join Wingoads at the Madrid Mobile Summit 2018

Posted on October 5, 2018 10:49 AM

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Madrid proceeds with the Mobile Summit 2018 in a series of summits highly demanded by the vast and fast-growing mobile&mobile advertising market. The Summit is a European edition of the premier annual mobile event of Israel.

If you have something to do with apps/games/web or adtech ecosystem – join international mobile marketing titans to pick up feasible business development strategies, find out how to grow durable and lucrative applications, monetize them through advertising and inn-app purchases, attract and keep users.

The Summit encompasses the following topics and a lot of more:

  • Innovation&Trends

  • Entrepreneurship

  • User Acquisition&Growth

  • Mobile Advertising&Marketing

  • Mobile Web&Affiliates

  • App&Game Design

  • Monetization&Games

This year the Madrid Mobile Summit will be held at a new venue: MEEU at Chamartín, an urban venue located in the center of Madrid.

Wingoads is jumping on the bandwagon in Madrid and ready to schedule a meeting with you.

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