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Posted on November 23, 2017 5:54 PM

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Wingoads launches new technology which will give you an opportunity to buy mobile or desktop traffic on pay-per-conversion basis! Also, you will set up everything by yourself as our platform is Self-Served!

Paying only for transactions that generate desired outcome is a dream of every advertiser and we are ready to make your wish come true! You will avoid a risk of losing your money and campaign failure with cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-action (CPA) basis of campaign running.

Wingoads is happy to introduce Smart CPA – 100% solution that allows easy campaign set up and smooth running.

Your business size, desired vertical, experience does not really matter in this case! You can achieve your goals effortless and with a lower budget.

More about Smart CPA

Smart CPA is performance-based self-served service which was created to meet advertiser’s needs to easy control campaigns where you pay for results.

Smart CPA availability

Each advertiser who is using Wingoads self-served platform can use Smart CPA to launch the campaign. 

Smart CPA advantages

  • availability for all sizes of businesses;
  • smart cost spending and budget optimization;
  • full control over campaign;
  • hourly statistic on your account;
  • no additional technical services required;
  • easy to launch.

Smart CPA at Wingoads platform will help you to achieve maximum goals with minimum spending.

If you have any question regarding the campaign launch, contact us! The team of talented Wingoads managers will help to solve any issue! 



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